The Kirkuk Foundation was established in 1997 with the sole purpose of creating a constructive enviroment to further the advancement and betterment of the Iraqi Turkmens. The Foundation continuously works to become a beacon for our cause by creating activities and programs that are both sustainable and socially applicable.

The Kirkuk Foundation rigourously upholds an inclusive approach, keeping an equal distance with all segments of society but noentheless always standing  on the side of the truth.  As such, the Kirkuk Foundation welcomes everyone who believes in the Iraqi Turkmen cause with open arms.

With the regular publication of the KARDASHLIQ Magazaine and a mutlitude of scolarly works in three languages, we welcome everyone in support of our cause and vow to stay on course, never straying away from our principles.

Welcome to everyone.


            Ersat Hurmuzlu

President of the Kirkuk Foundation


Kirkuk Foundation Offers its Condolences for the passing of Ata Terzibaşı

The esteemed Iraqi Turkmen cultural historian, thinker and Turkolog Ata Terzibaşı passed away on March 31st 2016 in Kirkuk. At 92 years of age Terzibaşı was laid to rest in his beloved Kirkuk.

Born on November 14th 1924 in Kirkuk, Terzibaşı would go on to graduate from the Baghdad University Law faculty before starting a successful career practicing Law in Iraq. An 

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